Vamos a La Playa 192 (12.30.13)

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jeffdubass - ??
three miles down (reverend p edit) - Gil Scott Heron
Waiting For You - Venice Beach
Brown Baby - Jay Ru
Lose Control - Big Bird
Clothes & Counters - King DJ
Star Seek (ES Edit) - Elektrik Soul
Sand Worm (Ajello remix) - Damir K Rogina
Good Intentions (Album Mix) - Session Victim  (PLAYING AT THE PICKLE 1/10)
Hands Hot - LTJ Experience
I Believe (Mike Burns Atheist Abstraction dub) - Conrad Mist Opus
City Chords (Session Victim Dub Mix) - Pascal Viscardi
In My Treehouse (Harvey 'We Are the Horseman' Remix) - Azymuth
Stand on the Horizon (Todd Terje Extended Mix) - Franz Ferdinand
Train in Vain (Spitzer Unofficial remix) - The Clash
Slumberia (Valique 2.0 Dub) - Alex Savanin
Let's Groove (PBR Streetgang Diskomiks) - Geroge Morel
Wordy Rappinghood (Playgroup Remix) - Chicks on Speed
Spell It - Maelstrom & Napz
Travellin man (cazbee's if da shoe fitz edit) - Cazbee
Ardbeg - The Drunk
Ciclo De Mujer (reconstrucción) - I-Robots


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