Vamos a La Playa Ft Prince Language

Vamos a La Playa is WVUM's disco show (every Monday from 5-7pm) which features weekly mixes by Laura (of Miami). Tune in this afternoon to hear a couple of guest mixes by PRINCE LANGUAGE (DFA Records/NY). Specifically the I Don't Wanna Be Normal Mix (from The No Comprendo With Prince Language ) and his Fabric London Mix Summer 2010. Also, PRINCE LANGUAGE will be playing live this Friday, Sept 24th at the Electric Pickle for Laura's birthday (can't tell you how old she's turning, but it's a big one). Team Rojas will also be throwing down as well as Patrick Walsh, and L of M herself.

Don't kick yourself in the ass Saturday morning when your friends tell you how much fun they had.

If you want to be on the NIGHTDRIVE REDUCED GUEST LIST for Friday's event please rsvp to: INFO@NIGHTDRIVEPRODUCTIONS.COM

Get free Prince Language downloads here

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  1. would love to listen to your show but im in broward.

    it would be great if you uploaded as a podcast on iTunes!




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