Vamos a La Playa 58 ft. Nite Jewel

Thanks for listening to Vamos A La Playa on WVUM 90.5 FM. I host a new show every Monday afternoon from 5-7pm You can also stream online at

My mix:

Knight Rider | Stu Phillips
Drive Me Wild | Starlight & Magic
Frozen Faces| Propaganda
Free Flight (The Acos Coolkas Synth Touch Mix) | Acos Coolkas
Compulsion (Comdubsion) | Time Traveler
Everything Is Going To Be Amazing | Luxury Living
Shooting Stars (In Flagranti Remix) | Bag Raiders
Magic Missile (Loose Shus Remix) | Johnatron
Hard Times (Love Action B-Side) | The Human League
Midnight Cocktail | Gazebo
Bandido_| La Bionda
Tonight I Need To Have Your Love_Sandival | Ritchie Family
Love Fever | Munich Machine
Love Is Here | Cerrone
Yes i'm ready (reprise) | Unlimited touch
Now Know Why You Cry | Brian E
See Those Eyes (Dance Mix) | Altered Images


Nite Jewel's Mix:

MC2 (You Are There) | Whitemare & Nite Jewel

1. “Intro”
2. Don Jackovich & Co. “Love On A One Way Street”
3. Rexy “Nervoso”
4. Jeff Phelps “On the Corner”
5. Rajan James “Impossible Dreams”
6. Al Smith “Don’t Go / Lifetime Lovers”
7. Niteskool Project “Just One Look”
8. Z-19 “The Night Is Still Young”
9. Bachelor “Go For It”
10. FX “Les Choses Ne Sont Pas Ce Quelles Semblant”
11. Twilight “I Wonder Who”
12. Tutt Band “Maybe This Time We’ll Win”
13. “Outro”



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