Monday, November 30, 2009

Vamos a La Playa 49 (11.30.09)

'Sup Magazine's poster for the Washed Out Art Basel Show

WASHED OUT live at the Terri and Donna Gallery on December 4th at 8pm during Art Basel. DJ set by Laura (of Miami) from WVUM 90.5 FM (Vamos a La Playa). 153 NW 36th Street, Miami FL. Tix $10 online or $12 at the door. First 50 people at the event will receive a free Boxfresh Tshirt. EARLY SHOW!

Presented by: Terri & Donna, Laura Sutnick, WVUM 90.5FM,, and 'Sup Magazine

This week's Vamos a La Playa playlist:

Do It Nice & Easy (With Love) (Greg Wilson Edit) | Eddie Drennon
Rayni Davis - Sweatheart (drony_dj) | Rainy Davis
I Think I Like You | Crazy Penis
Neanderthal Man (Marcello Giordani edit) | Robert Barre
Wet My Whistle | Midnight Star
Everybody Needs Somebody Sometime (Part 2) | Ann Margret
Shout For Joy | Dunn & Bruce Street
Star | Jolie Cherie
The Warehosue (Lee Douglas Remix) | Woolfy
Cruel (Instrumental) | The Men
Junocide | Logo
All Systems (Nile Delta Mix) | Knightlife
Future Times | new look
Barcelona (Lifelike Remix) | Plastiscines
Theme From St. Mark 30124 | Bottin
The Robots | Kraftwerk
She Blew My Mind | Rick James
Be You (Dub Disco Mix) | Punks Jump Up
The Magnificent Seven | The Clash
The Pound Of Re-Rock | Ruffy & Tuffy
Business Acumen (Arveene & Misk's Business Acid Remix) | In Flagranti
Teknology | Newcleus
once bitten | Sneak Thief feat. Lindsey J.
White Sun | Morgan Geist
Moskow Discow | Telex
Arai Arai Kor Disco | Champoo

Monday, November 23, 2009

Vamos a La Playa 48 (11.23.09)

WASHED OUT performing live in Miami on December 4th at 8pm at the Terri & Donna Gallery for Art Basel! Click on the poster for more info and click here to purchase tickets. (I'll also be spinning live) FIRST 50 PEOPLE AT THE SHOW GET A FREE SUPER AWESOME BOXFRESH TSHIRT.

PLAYLIST: (Reissue from 12.22.08)

thug rock - sandy kerr
interplanetary music - mickey moonlight
try it out - gino soccio
athene - hercules + love affair
Honey Puppy Is My Name (Perishable Vertebrate Edit)- Dance Reaction
Sunday Morning Fever - Hercule
do I do - maurice mcGee
you should have told me (disco mix) - Donna McGhee
The Hunter gets Captured by the Game (long version) - Grace jones
Ok Run - M-Basic (Sandy Marton)
Doctor beat - Gloria Estafan & Miami Sound Machine
Showdown - Ollie and Jerry
street sound - antoniou
radio - golden bug
square pattern aura - metro area
tell you today - loose joints
how old are you - miko mission
the voice of q - Q
countdown - digital mind
que tal america - two man sound
If You Weren't Afraid - Giorgio Moroder
My Love For You - ESG
You Came Out (demo) - We Have Band
BOSTICH - Lono Brazil vs Yello
Das Feur (Pilooski Edit) - Holger Hiller
Runaway to Elsewhere (Breakbok Remix) - Pacific
Birthday (Justin Robertson Mix) - the sugarcubes
Pussycat Meow [Infinity Extended Mix] - Dee-lite
love on top of love-killers kiss(garage house mix) - grace jones
Beach Bump (Wild Flower Mix - Shawn Ryan Edit) - Baby Ford

Monday, November 16, 2009

Vamos a La Playa 47 (11.16.09)

Thanks for listening to Vamos A La Playa on WVUM 90.5 FM. I host a new show every Monday afternoon from 5-7pm You can also stream online at


1st half (my mix):

Boss Man | Steel Mind
Lara De Bahia (Radio Version) | The Family Number One
Do It For Love | Jump Jump Dance Dance
Who You Are (Junior Boys Remix) | Zwicker
Funk Off! | Grandmaster Funk & Percussion All Stars
Heartbeat (Instrumental) | Wol Vo
Maestro | Marcello Giordani
And How (Bottin's Discursive Version) | Wax Stag
Native Love (Marcello Giordani Re_edit) | Divine
Mama Rue (C'Est Moi) | Queen Samantha
Sweet Disposition (Cagedbaby Mix) | The Temper Trap
Budapest (Joakim Italo Dub) | Poni Hoax
Heartbreaker (Discodeine Remix) | Metronomy
taking over | Tasmanian disco stampede
Fly To Me (Digital Bonus Beats) | Aleph
Metronome (Cousin Cole Remix 2-5) | Manicured Noise

2nd half (Rayko's Mix):

Rayko - Adventures in the Rare Wiri Headquarters (Matrix mix2)

1 Jean Michel Jarrre - Arpegiator
2 Vangelis - Dervish
3 The Fixx - Reach the beach
4 Night Moves - Transdance (Rayko edit)
5 Tony Humphries - Whole Lotta Love
6 Sue Ann - My baby (Rayko edit)
7 A Split Second - Fresh
8 Angela - Gotta a little love
9 Pete Shelley - I don´t know what it is (dub)
10 Blancmangue - Game above my head (Rayko edit)

Full show audio (soon)

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Monday, November 9, 2009

Vamos a La Playa 46 (11.9.09)

Thanks for listening to Vamos A La Playa on WVUM 90.5 FM. I host a new show every Monday afternoon from 5-7pm You can also stream online at

Doug Flutey | Javelin
Non Stop | Sweet Trio
I Need Somebody To Love Tonight | Sylvester
Crash Dance | Yello
All Up In Your Månbas | Sasac
Stimulation | The Strangers
Wot times (Instrumental) | Model 11-29
She's Electric (Vega Italo Dub) | NightWaves
Fun Funk (Instrumental Version) | Riccardo Cioni & D.J.F.T. Band
Get On Up (Situation Edit) | Jazzy Dee
It's Yours | First Touch
Slashdance | Bottin
Botswana Beduin | Lindstr√∏m
Zombie (berlinmachine re-edit) | Empire (also known as Methusalem)
Color My Love | Fun Fun
Dancing In My Sleep (The Siesta Mix 1986) | Secret Ties
On The Boat (Disco Devil's Rubber Room Mix) | Antena
Disco Coo Coo | French Bread
Disco Megalo | Kelton Prima
Stop (BlackShag Dance Edit) | Paparazzi
Summer Of Worship | Weird Tapes
Batman | Chow Daddy
Warp | Nu Musik
Unreal | Egyptian Lover
My Love For You | Esg

Monday, November 2, 2009

Vamos a La Playa 45 (11/2/09)

Thanks for listening to Vamos A La Playa on WVUM 90.5 FM. I host a new show every Monday afternoon from 5-7pm You can also stream online at


Funeral March | Hero
Thrill 103 | DJ Vadim
Dreamer | Test-One
Love Love Love (Aeroplane Remix) | Low Motion Disco
Death Disco (Todd Terje Edit) | Arbeid Adelt
Bright Sky | 304
Forget Me Vox (Out In The Sticks Edit ) | Disco Deviance
Hot Sauce | Vinyl Life
The Midas touch (original by Midnight Star) | Boards of Canada
Operator | Midnight Star
Meridian (Amberflame Edit) | Acos CoolKAs
PYX (Ben Browning Remix) | Gloves
I Wanna Dancer (Reflex Dub Mix) | Faze Action
Sciarando El Scuro | Bottin
Work Your Body Rap | ProfessorFunk&TheHouseBrothers
My Love Sees You | Beni
Down in L.A. (Shazaam Remix) | Munk
Daddy Cool( Harry Harry KeweLL OriginaL version ) | Boney M
New Generation (Instrumental) | Zener
Computer Power | Jamie Jupitor
You're The Star (Kris Menace Remix) | Scott Hardkiss
Flat Beat | WhoMadeWho
The Pretender (Holy Ghost Remix Radio Edit) | Datarock
I Think I Like It | Fake Blood
Ready Or Not | Hotline

Audio (soon)

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