Vamos a La Playa 49 (11.30.09)

'Sup Magazine's poster for the Washed Out Art Basel Show

WASHED OUT live at the Terri and Donna Gallery on December 4th at 8pm during Art Basel. DJ set by Laura (of Miami) from WVUM 90.5 FM (Vamos a La Playa). 153 NW 36th Street, Miami FL. Tix $10 online or $12 at the door. First 50 people at the event will receive a free Boxfresh Tshirt. EARLY SHOW!

Presented by: Terri & Donna, Laura Sutnick, WVUM 90.5FM,, and 'Sup Magazine

This week's Vamos a La Playa playlist:

Do It Nice & Easy (With Love) (Greg Wilson Edit) | Eddie Drennon
Rayni Davis - Sweatheart (drony_dj) | Rainy Davis
I Think I Like You | Crazy Penis
Neanderthal Man (Marcello Giordani edit) | Robert Barre
Wet My Whistle | Midnight Star
Everybody Needs Somebody Sometime (Part 2) | Ann Margret
Shout For Joy | Dunn & Bruce Street
Star | Jolie Cherie
The Warehosue (Lee Douglas Remix) | Woolfy
Cruel (Instrumental) | The Men
Junocide | Logo
All Systems (Nile Delta Mix) | Knightlife
Future Times | new look
Barcelona (Lifelike Remix) | Plastiscines
Theme From St. Mark 30124 | Bottin
The Robots | Kraftwerk
She Blew My Mind | Rick James
Be You (Dub Disco Mix) | Punks Jump Up
The Magnificent Seven | The Clash
The Pound Of Re-Rock | Ruffy & Tuffy
Business Acumen (Arveene & Misk's Business Acid Remix) | In Flagranti
Teknology | Newcleus
once bitten | Sneak Thief feat. Lindsey J.
White Sun | Morgan Geist
Moskow Discow | Telex
Arai Arai Kor Disco | Champoo


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