Vamos A La Playa (4.6.09)

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Pretty Face - Styloo
Jamaica Running - Pool
I'm the One - Mya Frye
Dancing Hour - Christine
This Time (Dub) - Funk Deluxe
Kid Robot Dance - The Creatures
Cheeky Courting - Frau
Key West (Jellybean Benitez Edit) - Kasso
Baby I Love You - Stacy Lattisaw
Change of Heart (What Kind Of Breeze Do You Blow? Remix) - El Perro Del Mar
The ultimate warlord - Little Casper and the MX's
Boys are Back - Girls!
Disco Danser - Zig Zag
Party Beat - Ose
What's In It For Me (Cut and Paste) - Zalmac
How we lustre (john barera remix) - Brenden Wesley
Sing Sing - Eurythmics
Touch In The Night - Silent Circle
Tropical Climate (Maxi Version) - Mark
My Dreams Are Clear (Single 1985) - Moby Dick
Pool Party 2009 (Headman's Revlover Remix) - Shazam
The Rooms in My House Have Many Parties - Kelley Polar
Born To Be Alive - Wind
Body Break - S.O.S. Band
Dial My number - Back Bag
El Temporal (A Rain Version) - Moser Moser
Dance (Vocal) - Joy St. James
The Planet Doesn't Mind - X-Visitors
Your Love - Lime
Scarface - Jennifer


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