Que Pasa WVUM 90.305 FM

Hey loyal bloggers!

I will be showcasing my blog and it's various genres on WVUM 90.5 FM (Coral Gables, Fl) from 7-9 eastern time. You can also hear the show online at wvum.org

Many thanks to Blogspot (the name of the show)


  1. I live in Europe, but I was so delighted with your program on wvum during my last stay in south florida...that i can't stop listening to it online (10-12pm western europe time).
    We'll probably never meet, but thank you very much for boosting the quality of my Monday nights!!!

  2. Miami Native (Born & Raised)May 19, 2010 at 1:59 PM

    Vamos A La Playa is the best thing I have listened to on the radio since I first tuned into the program (BY ACCIDENT) in 2008. Laura's "Vamos A La Playa" sessions are full of music that you will not hear on any radio station in South Florida. I am 27 and have not been able to listen to any mainstream music for almost a decade! Hopefully WVUM won't be the last stop for Laura of Miami and her collection of throw-back jams. Vamos A La Playa has been a blessing to my ears!

  3. Laura is awesome.

  4. Laura disco's my world!




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