Vamos a La Playa 183 - 10.14.13

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Love Kissed  -  Tone Of Arc
Complotto Geometrico [Andy Weatherall Remix]  -  Daniele Baldelli & DJ Rocca
Made In The 80's  -  Juan Laya
Sun Machine (diskJokke Remix)  -  Drop Out Orchestra
This Way Up (Dead Rose Music Company remix)  -  Bonar Bradberry
Give You Up   - KS French
I Want Blood (Album Version)  -  Small Pyramids
Way Down   - JKriv / The Disco Machine
Smile (SB Disco Edit)  -  Hi Voltage
Wired For Games (Beaten Space Probe Edit)  -  C Brand
Babababo (12'' Version)  -  Bibox
Lovethang (Jamie Bull Mash-up Re-edit)  -  First Choice
It's a Love Thing  -  The Whispers
The Flight of Fenix (Original Mix)  -  Ilya Santana
Søt Kløe  -  Prins Thomas
Sunshine   - Boris Dlugosch, Booom!
Nigerian Jam  -  Munk
Summer Time (Kon Edit)  -  Metaphor
The Sun (Instrumental Mix)  -  Larse
C'est L'Amour  -  The Deadstock 33s
So Much  -  Lane 8
Games -   Infinity Ink
C O O L (Atapy Remix)  -  Le Youth
folding angels (dj rocca erodiscomix)  -  somerville & wilson



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