Vamos a La Playa 182 - 10/7/13

VAMOS A LA PLAYA is back every Monday from 2-4pm est on
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Inner City Blues (CaZ Edit)   - James Last
Straight Up  -  Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee
Crazy Clock (LTJ Remix)  -  Azymuth
Deep In Space  -  Avanti
Whisper Softly  -  Cosmic Kids
Music Makes Ya  -  Feza
Sundays  -  BRONX
Cloud Symphony  -  Shook
Ghost Carnival  -  Hypnolove
I Love You (A Copycat & Martin Brodin Remix)  -  Brynjolfur
See U Again (Freebie)  -  GrooveU & Room4space
Get Down  -  Caserta
Just for Tonight (Extended Instrumental Mix)  -  Fishing Vest
Strolling On Sunday  -  Dave Aju
Start Something  -  Morten Sorensen
Romeo 'n' Juliet   - Beard In Dust
Coffee Way  -  Eddie C
Broke (Valique Boogie Tech Dubstrumental)  -  Smoove & Turrell
Ready to Work   - JKriv / The Disco Machine
My Original feat. Natalie Conway (Monsoon Season Remix)   - Satin Jackets
Glow at Night [Mashedit]  -  Dave Gerrard
Physical Law  -  Bambook & Andycap
Cash Flow (Classixx Glass Bottom Dub Mix)  -  Major Lazer
Radio Cash (Brioski Disco Mix) -   The Bank
Predictable (Yannis Pk Remix)  -  Moe Turk   


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