Vamos a La Playa 163 (1.14.13)















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In Your Eyes  -  Yam Who?
Nice & Slow (Relife remix)  -  Kid Goodman
Chaka Cant   - The Dead Rose Music Company
I Said No   - Phunktastike
Get On  -  Frank Booker
High School  -  Mario Basanov
Nothing Better Than Music  -  Deadly Sins
whitworth strut (original mix)  -  Monkey Boots
Drive (Salon Acapulco remix)  -  Future Feelings
Take My Pain Away (Rory Phillips Remix)  -  Moullinex
Paradigm (Instrumental edit)  -  Cordova
Island Living  -  Ruben & Ra
Sunny Days (Original Mix)  -  Betuel Arzate
you owe me (ben mono remix)  -  Lou Teti
Slow Deep Disco (Nevada Base Scat Dub)  -  Elster Club
Asking To An UFO  -  Alvaro Cabana
Time (Original Mix)  -  Kid Color
Simulation (Mano Le Tough remix) -   MURPHY, Roisin
Breathe (Dublin Aunts vocal mix)  -  Tronik Youth
Disco Noche   - Sano
Morir Sonando  -  The Crystal Ark
texit (original mix)  -  Alejandro Paz
From Here To Eternity (Daryl remix)  -  Giorgio Moroder vs MB DISCO
Flott Flyt  -  Diskjokke

SOHO HOUSE MEMBERS!!!! - I'll be playing at OCHO this Saturday from 4-7pm 




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