Vamos a La Playa 153 + 154

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Vamos a La Playa 154 (10.28.12) - Halloween Space Disco Edition

Starlight  -  Risqué
Space Patrol -   ichisan
Star Stream  -  Joe Morris
He Came From Space  -  Rayko
space survivor (instrumental)   - Network feat. Rik DeLisle
Space Shuttle  -  Gil Scott Heron
Closer Space -   Telespazio
Aliens In My Pocket  -  Lindbaek & Lindstrom
Jungle Space   - Guts
Voyage To The Stars 1990 -   LA ROYALE
Stop Space Return (Hot Toddy Remix) -  Crazy P
Journey To The Core Of The Unknown Sphere  -  Space Dimension Controller
Tlatohua   - Moon Runner
from uranus to mercurius -   ilya santana
Theme Tune (Royal Dub)  -  Martians
Through Thorns To The Stars  -  Martin Dubka
Spooks In Space (Luke Howard & Felix Dickinson Edit)  -  Aural Exciters
The Other Side Of The Galaxy [Andromeda Orchestra Remix]  -  King DJ
You Are The Space Invader (Optimo Espacio Remix) -   Prinzhorn Dance School
moonflowers - moonflowers
Lost In Space  -  Peter Visti
disco_spaceship_instrumental   -  Laurie Marshall
Spacer Woman (Original Mix)  -  Charlie
Tango In Space   - Space
Love And Machines (Featuring Spaceape) -   Martyn
Spaceship Crashing  -  Bamboo
Spacer  -  B. Devotion/Sheila
Major Tom  -  The Space Lady 


Vamos a La Playa 153 (10.22.12)

Percussions (Original Mix)  -  Cheap & Chic
UggeBugg  -  Prins Thomas
Slowmo -   Bufi
CTRLS (Ed Lees Alt Del Remix)  -  Michael King
Mystic No way  -  DJ Steef
Just Fall In Love  -  Poolside
Tear Club  -  Moullinex
Professor 3  -  Professor Rhythm
Sex, Drugs & Sausage Rolls   - Mic Newman & Garry Todd
Hurricane -  Tensnake
Attraction (Munga remix)  -  MUNGA
Hold Your Head Back  -  Alkalino
Girth Soup  -  Idjut Boys
Sunshine and Ecstacy (Sunshine and Sensi Mix)  -  Tom Tom Club
I.O.U. 1983 - Original Version  -  Freeez
Chupa!  -  Sano
N-H-N -   PBR Streetgang
Do You Need My Love  -  Ruben & Ra
Livin At Night (Jimpster's Mix)   - Chuck Love
O.N.E.(fromage disco tribal gather remix)  -  Yeasayer
La Musica (Azari II & III Rmx) -   Munk
How Do You Do? (Mickey Moonlight remix)  -  Hot Chip
Malaco   - Tom Noble
Feeling High Re-Edit (Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel Re-Edit) -   Los Charly's Orchestra
New For You  -
Boogie Monster Part 1 -  Gazeebo
Be The Music  - Mr. Scruff   





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