Vamos a La Playa 152 (10.15.12)

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Play list:

Lost and Found Jam (Original Mix)  - Tiago
i don't care  - 78 edits
Bad Dub  - Mr.Chicago
Looter  -  BASEJAM, Ron
Confused Arp Disco (Simon Holdbasic Instinct Dub-Vinyl Edit)  - Williams
No Other Lover   - B.G. Baarregaard
Training Tofu  - Bufi
Things I Didn't Know I Loved (feat. Simon Lord)  - Plastic Plates
Cosmic Solstice  - Ilya Santana
Billiards With A Midget (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)  - Worst Friends
Rhythm Plate's Rootleg Pisco mix - Ronson
The Other Side Of The Galaxy [Andromeda Orchestra Remix]   - King DJ
Trombone -   Stimming
Guitar Player   - Jozif
Macsat Ring Down (The Backwoods Remix)  -  Lauer
II   - Temples
Train  -  AGOR
I Feel Space (Original Mix) -   Lindstrom
The Beat Is Mine (Soul Clap Remix)   - Vicky 'D'
Remember (Wayving remix)   - Pat Lok
glamarella (original mix) -   Stereofunk and Compact Grey
Turning (Emperor Machine Special Extended Version)  -  Headman
Keep On Dancing (Todd Terje remix)  -  GARY'S GANG    

I'll be spinning at Bardot this Saturday before Thieves Like Us

---> Presales HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, early show <------

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  1. I missed the last two shows. When are you going to upload them? I need my valp fix!




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