Vamos a La Playa 144 (7.31.12)

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Next To You  -  Poolside
Inside Out  -  Ill Advised
Panick Aggressive   - Crackazat
At the Ranch (Original Mix)   - Jacob Mikesh Filburt
Cameleon Chameleon (Ilija Rudman Music Interpretation)  -  Escort & Ilija Rudman
Doing What I Got  -  Isaac Tichauer
Hafflinger  -  Lauer
Carlos The Jackal (Original Mix)   - Club Silenco & Bonar Bradberry
Ocean (Ray Mang Remix)  -  2020 Soundsystem
You Show Me (Original Mix) -   Andy Ash
This Is The Love (Deep&disco Mix)  -  Rocco Raimundo
It's A Bubble  (The Magician Remix)  -  Beni
Everybody Needs Somebody (Faze Action Remix)   - Joey Negro Pres. Kola Kube
Love (Elijah Collins remix)  -  MARKAS
Stand by me (Dave Allison Remix)  -  The Horses
Love The Nite Away (Tiedye Mix)  -  DJ Kaos
2 B The One U Want  -  Max Essa
Tentatious (Runaway Remix)  -  Lauer
Planet Claire   - Turbotito feat. Dirty Preston
Sunny  -  PillowTalk
City Bar Reopen Live Dancing  -  Rick The Godson Wilhite
Didn't Mean To Dub U Off  -  Majesty's Pleasure
02. Fabio Giannelli - Swinging Pearls   
Feels Like -   SHADE
Feeling You (Original Mix) -   Jonas Rathsman

I'm spinning here this week:




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