Vamos a La Playa 116 (1.16.12)

Ok this is strange today is show #116, it's the 16th of January, and it's the 160th post on this blog. Lotto maybe?

Thanks for listening to Vamos A La Playa on WVUM 90.5 FM. I host a new show every Monday afternoon from 5-7pm. No radio? No Problem! Stream live online at I also post lots of tracks on my other blog NIGHTDRIVEMIAMI.COM


Travelling - Valotihkuu
It Is Like That (Ilya Santana Bizzaro Disco remix) - PHILOSOPHY OF SOUND
Headlines - Midnight Star
Walk With Me - Oliver
Supernova (Original Mix) - Mario Viera
Move On (Mutant Dance Move) - Fashion
Smoke, Mirrors (Peter Visti Remix) - Shanghai
Dance (Dynamicron You Will Dance Edit) - Dynamicron (thanks Patrick Walsh)
Carnaval De Trancoso - Psychemagik (thanks Patrick Walsh)
Que Pasa-Me No Pop I - Coati Mundi
Get On Up (Situation Edit) - Jazzy Dee
The Calling (Feat. Olatunde) - Mark de Clive-Lowe
Take a Chance (Venice Beach Remix) - Mr. Flagio
See Blind Through (DJ Harvey Remix) - Canyons
Exchange - MD
Kass Limon - Original Mix - Jupiter vs. Kassav
Peaceful Warrior (Pharao Black Magic Remix) - Social Disco Club
Princess (Yan Wagner Remix) - Leno Lovecraft
On The Boat (Disco Devil's Rubber Room Mix) - Antena
Pud Music - The Pudmen
All Through the Night (The Rapture Hush Hush Remix) - Escort
Resist - Mediocrity
Love Me To The Music - The Imperial Wonders
Boom Blast - Sticky remix (INST) - Wiley
Narcissique - Caroline Loeb
It Was Just an Illusion - Florian Bery

I"ll be spinning here this week:




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