Vamos A La Playa 79 (2.1.11) Ft. Tall Jamal

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My boy Kevin who recently joined me as Co-music Director and has been itching to throw down some rare 70s and 80s jams on the WVUM airwaves. There's no better spot for that than on Vamos A La Playa so I invited him on this Monday (2.1.11) for a little guest set.

Kevin (aka Tall Jamal) is the former resident DJ at the Sway at the Dragon’s Den in New Orleans and Go Shout Plenty! at Trophy Bar in Brooklyn. This Monday, he’s poppin’ bottles with the likes of Evelyn “Champagne” King and SKYY to get you hot, then dropping some oft-neglected dark wave and cold wave to cool you down. Disco gamut on the beach con Jamal ├▒oo Alto!

PLAYLIST: (Kev ediT)

Sexual Harassment – I Need a Freak
Night Gallery – Too Many Men
Mac Jr. – Elephant Song
Body Electric – 5595
Philippe Entre2mers - Quai D'orient (Version Club)
Goblin - tenebre
Lime - give me your body
Alisha - all night passion
Oppenheimer Analysis - the devil’s dancer
Abba - gimme! gimme! Gimme! (sorry, it just fits!)
Tom tom club - the man with the 4 way hips
Can - I want more
Cloud One - disco juice
Kevin Irving - children of the night
John Carpenter – Christine (p 1)
Hercules And Love Affair – Visitor
Dennis Edwards – Don’t Look Any Further
Patrice Rushens – Feels So Real
First Choice - Love Thang
Johnny Kemp – Just Got Paid
SOS Band – Let’s Do It
Change – Glow of Love

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