Vamos A La Playa 75 (12/20/10)

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H A P P Y H O L I D A Y S !


Blondie & Fab Five Freddie | Yuletide Throwndown (Christmas Rapture)
Run DMC | Christmas in Hollis
Yello | Bimbo
Sam Sallon | You May Not Mean To Hurt Me (Begin Mix)
Byron | Too Much
Kid Frost TMS | Terminator EB005
Pee Wee | Be My Girl
Network feat. Rik DeLisle | space survivor (instrumental)
Dolly Parton | Potential New Boyfriend (Instrumental)
Asso | Don't Stop (Hawk re-edit)
Advance | Take Me To The Top
Jimy K | She's Gone Away (Instrumental)
Plustwo | Stop Fantasy
Miracles Club | light of love
Hipnosis | End Title (Blade Runner)
Radar | China Darling
TV Sounds Orchestra | Live The Life I Love (Instrumental)
Cellophane Brain | Gimme Love (Italian Version)
Phuture | Your Only Friend
Trus'me | Good God
Wanexa | The Man From Colours
Roy Ayers | Fast Money
Spank | Freakin' Babies
Video Club | Lost Time (Time Of War - Vocal Version)
Gasfire | Is Our Life
Newcleus | Jam on it
Throbbing Gristle | Hot On The Heels Of Love (Ratcliffe Remix)
Heather Parisi | Filo di Ragno (M.G. edit)
Rofo | Flashlight-On-A-Disconight

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