Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Italo Disco

"An important reason for the expedient development of Italo Disco in Europe was purely economic. In the early 80s US dollar was traded too high against Italian lira. US records imports were expensive. Main music importers were forced to drastically reduce orders for imports and refocused their business on the local productions. Fulltime, Discomagic, IL Discotto and many other record labels were born from the main Disco music importers out of sheer economic necessity. Italian productions began to flood European music market and it was difficult to find any US imports in Italian record shops.

Most of the Italo-Disco records were produced by studio session men, mainly keyboardists, or Dee Jays-turned-musicians who had very little or no skill of playing musical instruments. Their sole assets were only their ears, uncanny feel for dance music's flavor of the moment and understanding of their audience. That was the time when many Italian Dee Jays started to experiment with synthesizers and electronic drum machines, playing keyboards slowly with just one finger and then elevating the speed with computers. Many young musicians were able to earn some money with low cost productions and fast consuming product." (euro-flash.net)

Righeira - Vamos a la playa
Desireless-Voyage voyage
(In french...So call it Fritalo Disco)
Ken Laszlo - Hey Hey Guy
Bandolero - Paris Latino
Magazine 60 - Don Quixote
Fun Fun - Happy Station (Scratch Remix)
Phil Oakey and Giorgio Moroder - Together in Electric Dreams
Taffy - I Love My Radio
Alexander Robotnick - Les Grands Voyages de L'amour
P4F - Diamond
Koto - Star Wars


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  2. Hey Laura,

    I'm glad you like the songs I'm posting on my site, but I'm not so glad about the hotlinking. My bandwidth and all. So, a link to my site is kinda fair, right?

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    What I meant thought, is that instead of you posting links directly to the MP3-files, you should rather link to the corresponding entry on whichever blog you found the songs on.